Business Premises Pest Control: Exterminator or DIY?

Pests can cause a number of problems when they come into your business premises. They’ll damage valuable items and property and could even cause you to lose customers. That’s because having pests in your premises can damage the image of your business – especially in sectors where hygiene is important such as the food industry. This makes timely pest control an undertaking that is crucial to your business’ survival.

When you have a pest problem at your premises – which is bound to happen at some point –you’ll have two pest control alternatives from which to choose from: you either get an exterminator to do the job or you do it yourself (DIY). Here are the benefits of each pest control option to help you choose the one that’s most suitable for your needs.

Benefits of hiring the services of an exterminator

  1. They have training on how to use chemicals. Any decent exterminator will have an applicator licence that’s government approved. This guarantees that the exterminator has the skills and knowledge to handle potentially harmful chemicals without putting their health or that of other people at risk.
  2. You assign the task to someone else. Getting the help of an exterminator means that you won’t have to get involved with the pest control exercise. You’ll just need to pay a fee and have someone else do the job for you.
  3. Pest expertise. Exterminators are well versed with the different kinds of pests as they are specialised professionals and will, therefore, do their job effectively when you hire them.

DIY pest control benefits

Similarly, doing your own pest control has its benefits. These are:

  1. It’s cheaper.When you use the services of an exterminator for pest control, costs will include those for buying chemicals, “renting” equipment as well as the labour cost. When you control the pests yourself, you can acquire the chemicals and equipment yourself at a reasonably lower cost, and you’ll also not need to pay for labour – both of which will keep pest control costs low.
  2. You choose the pest control products.With DIY pest control, you have direct control over the type of pest control products to be used. So if you want something more environmentally friendly or humane, this is the way to go.
  3. With an exterminator, you might be required to close your business temporarily to allow them to do their job. With DIY pest control, you can choose the most convenient time for you to carry out the task or even use a control method that will not disrupt business activities such as trapping.
  4. Sometimes the kind of business you’re in might require privacy or access control. By personally taking care of your pest problem, you ensure that no outsiders get into your business premises where they could access sensitive data or items.
  5. DIY pest control products are easy to use and effective.Pest control products meant for DIY use come with adequate instructions on how to use them and are just as effective as those used by professional exterminators. This ensures that you get similar results when you follow the provided instructions.

While hiring a professional pest exterminator takes the hassle out of pest control, it is generally more beneficial to do DIY pest control whenever possible. So next time you have a pest infestation in your business premises, examine your situation carefully to determine which pest control option will best suit your needs.

Source: Pestrol Pro