Making Your Next Home Move Effortless

Moving home is exciting but it doesn’t come without its obstacles and actually ensuring that you’re fully prepared for the move should be number 1. But what do you need to think about? What planning must be done?

Two out of three people agree that moving is one of the most stressful events of their lives and three out of three Britons agree that they could have planned the move better.

Choose a professional team of solicitors and estate agents

Choose your estate agent and a solicitor carefully. Having experts you can trust to help you can do miracles for relieving stress – so build a good team of people around you.

Save up money

Moving home can be fraught with unexpected bills and expenses, make sure you have some money behind you so that these can be easily covered if required.

Get Some Free Boxes

Visit your local supermarket and ask them if you can have some of their boxes. Supermarkets notoriously stack tonnes of spare boxes in their warehouses and are only to pleased to get rid of them. Visit your local supermarket and get some sturdy boxes.

Organise your removal company

Make sure you have a great removal company at hand planned for the day of your move. Ensure you shop around a bit to find the best ones possible – I personally have used Move Corp LTD and found them to be easy to work with, extremely competitively priced and a friendly bunch too!

If you have full drawers, tape them up and move them whole

Rather than unpacking everything from your drawers, use a strong fastening tape to ensure that the drawers can’t open and you can then move the entire unit whole. This can save a lot of time and boxes (make sure your set of drawers are sturdy though!)

Remember to defrost your freezer!

A lot of people forget that when they need to move the freezer, it should be defrosted first – 24 hours before you leave to move is ideal.

Make sure if you have pets that you have that side covered

Plan ahead and make sure that you have logistical plans for your pets. Many people overlook this element and it should be a priority. As much as the move is going to be stressful for you, it will also be very stressful for your pet, so get organising.

Get Some Drinks In!

There is nothing worse than moving without some drinks at hand to keep you hydrated and science shows that it improves your mood and productivity by being hydrated, so make sure you’ve always got some fluids at hand.

Finally, enjoy your new move

It’s a new adventure moving and whilst the process is stressful, keep thinking about the end result – your beautiful new home.