Moving can help recovering from a breakup

When we think of moving, we usually think of a hassle. Packing all your belongings in boxes, make sure your mail will follow you, end all your contracts with phone companies and internet services, leaving friendly neighbors. But most importantly, cleaning the place you reside in and where you have been living as a college student since you got dumped. Of course, when you end a relationship, you do not cook, you do not clean and you barely shower. That is why most of the time, your apartment is a mess. But good news are you can leave it.

Opportunity to live your dreams

Once you leave your loved one, everything becomes uncertain. The future you had imagined crumbles and you wonder how you keep breathing. Get yourself together: you have to tell yourself that if everything is uncertain, everything is possible.

It is difficult to separate yourself from the memories if you still live in the same place, talk to the same people and keep on the same routine. That will leave you empty and emphasize the fact that nothing has changed but the absence of your lover. Moving is going to keep your mind busy but more importantly, it is going to force you to trash a lot of physical memories. You cannot take with you every single thing, you are going to make some sacrifices and naturally, you are going to keep the things you bought because you just liked them better. Take the time to make a list of everything you bought together and remember all the concessions you had made on decoration. Take a fresh start, literally.

You do not have to move to the other side of the world but even within the same state, you will realize that you are doing something on your own and it will boost your confidence. You can potentially decide to go far, by the sea, a place you had dreamt of for years. You have no strings attached anymore, you are free.

Keeping yourself busy and meeting new people

Many will agree that common friends do not really exist and therefore your friendship circle is going to shrink. You may feel overwhelmed if you have some work to do in your new home. However, people are here to help you and they are professionals. Whether you need fence companies or painting companies, call them.

Being on your own will give you more time. Enjoy this free time to change your job, watch all the series she or he never wanted to watch, catch up with your friends, go to the hairdresser and change your style.

Being away from the person you used to share your life with will possibly make you think of what you are willing to do, what you are willing to achieve as an individual. Moving away after a breakup is a great opportunity to be selfish: go out, date and why not learn an instrument… Being away from people we know gives us a feeling of freedom as we are not judged by them. Embrace it!