Packing Tips for the Kitchen

No one likes to pack for the big move. We hate finding the right size boxes for each thing we pack, deciding what needs to come with us and what needs to stay. Just the thought of moving can have many normally sane people running screaming out of a room. But if you can’t avoid it, you just might want a few tips for packing up what has to be one of the most complicated rooms in the house. Yes, we are talking about that kitchen of yours.

You may think that making a list of things to get done first, like contacting LinGas to have them turn off your gas before you ship off your belongings to the hinterlands, is enough. But once you realize that you now also have to pack every little do-dad you have squirreled away in some drawer or top shelf, you will start planning that move all over again. You can survive packing up the kitchen. You just need a bit of planning and these handful of tips to get you through.

Packing Up the Food

The basic rule is to pack up the square things in one box, the round things in another and everything in the fridge gets donated to friends and family or the closest food bank. This might be a good time to check on those expiration dates though, so you aren’t hauling some food across the country, just to discover it has expired and needs to be chucked.

We all get surprised to find out we have food around that has lasted longer than most presidential administrations. So, check dates, chuck when you can and give away anything you can’t eat before you leave.

Start Right Away

There are tons of things in your kitchen you won’t be using until after the move. You can pack those now before you start on anything else. Just remember to mark every box with the room it comes from and some basic idea of what is has inside.

If you are moving in the winter you might want to start packing up the barbeque stuff and all those ice cream making gadgets you saved up from last summer. Look at what you have stashed away in the top shelves and if you aren’t using them before the move, pack ‘em up!

Cups, Bowls and Other Fun Stuff

These are always tough to pack, so plan for them first. If you can, nestle them into each other. Put the bigger bowls at the bottom, layer with clean paper, then pack the small bowls and then the cups inside of these. I often pack up small items to put in the corners and empty spots. If you can get your hands on some second-hand china barrels, use these for the bowls and other odd shaped things like teapots as well.

Labeling is Prime Importance

Unless you really love the idea of making unpacking a lot like Christmas, trying to guess what is in the box first, label each box with the room it belongs in. I often will keep a list of what is in each box, and number the boxes as well.

That way if I pack up holiday decorations in the living room box #5 I know it can wait until then to open. This can be really handy when moving from a bigger house to a small apartment. For downsizing seniors, it can be vital. Know before you open is my rule.