Quick tips for selecting self-storage services while moving!

Moving out of the city? Shifting from one city to another can be a big hassle, especially when you have too many personal and household items. If your job demands frequent traveling, it is always better to hire a self-storage unit for keeping the essentials. A self-storage service offers units, also known as containers, to customers for a small monthly price. You can choose to hire a unit for as many months as needed, without any further terms and conditions. Here are 7 aspects you need to know!

  • Firstly, access your space requirements before looking for self storage near you Units come in all sorts of sizes, depending on customer needs. If you just have a few boxes, it is best to pay for a small unit.
  • Check if you need any additional facilities. For example, for storing a car in the winter months, you might need a climate controlled unit. Units with special installations, security and other features tend to be expensive, so it is best to check the costs in advance.

  • Seek a detailed quote. Many times companies charge customers in the form of hidden fees, which can be pretty annoying at the last minute. Check the estimate in detail along with other inclusions, costs and taxes.
  • Check the facility in person. As a homeowner, you might be concerned about the security of your belongings. Instead of relying on claims, it is wise to take a personal look at overall measures taken by a service.
  • Talk to the manager. The last thing you would want is critters and mold in the storage unit. On your visit, talk to the on-premise manager to know about their maintenance programs and overall measures to reduce pests and other common concerns.
  • Consider the location. If you are in town, you might want to have regular access to the goods. The location of the service often determines the price. In case you are just concerned about a cheap quote, choose a service that’s located in the outskirts.

  • Check for customer support. A reputed service must have an email and phone contact and should be extremely responsive to customer queries. You can try sending them a test email to check their response time.

Typically, you will get an initial offer for renting a unit. Look for services that provide some additional discount for long term rentals, which can be a bonus for frequent travelers.