Reasons to Get Your Garage Door Repaired

The first garages, built for the first generation of automobiles, were usually not much more than small sheds built in the back of the house. They were just large enough to protect the vehicle from the weather.  In the 1930’s, attached garages that also protected people from the weather while entering and exiting their vehicles became popular.  By 1945, virtually every architectural blueprint for new homes included one. In the 1970’s the size of garages expanded to accommodate the increasing number of two-car households. Today, garages are used for much more than protecting cars from the weather.


Many garages are transformed into playrooms for both children and adults, providing more space for them to participate in their favorite games and hobbies. Everyone appreciates the opportunity to When transforming a garage into a playroom to be used by children, it’s important that all potentially toxic substances are locked away out of reach.  It’s also important to conduct regular inspections of your garage doors to ensure that they are functioning properly. Most people aren’t aware of the fact that according to the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission, approximately 30,000 injuries are caused by garage doors each year, many of them suffered by children.  Your local garage door repair experts in the Dallas TX area can help.

Home Offices

Just as the invention of the automobile revolutionized travel and residential architecture, the invention of the internet has revolutionized the world of work.  More people are working from home than ever before, and many are transforming their garages into home offices. Many have found it to be an investment that quickly pays for itself and pays long-term future dividends.  Whatever type of home office you have in mind, are a lot of excellent design ideas to choose from out there.  Two of the challenges of transforming a garage into a home office are that most garages don’t have windows and aren’t very well insulated, which can result in higher heating and lighting costs. New insulating garage doors can solve both of those problems, since many of them come with windows. Those with windows near the top of the door allow light in while preventing passersby from looking inside.

Increasing Property Values

When preparing a home for sale, never underestimate the power of first impressions.  Making just a few relatively inexpensive improvements can make a huge difference in the quality of the photos used to present your home to potential buyers. Home improvements tend to inspire neighbors to make a few of their own, which contributes to a higher level of safety and enjoyment for the whole neighborhood.  The best kind of increases in property value aren’t just financial. Whether want to increase the sale price of your property or increase your family’s safety and enjoyment, your garage doors play an important role in those goals.  If you’re in need of garage door repair in Dallas, TX, contact a trusted local professional that provides 24/7 service today.