What Some Surprisingly Dangerous Lab Research Revealed About Removing Stains

An enormous amount of lab work has gone into figuring out the best way to remove stains. Some very dangerous chemicals were used in this research, which required the researchers to use custom fume hoods to ensure they didn’t inhale the toxic fumes. While these custom fume hoods did their jobs, it turns out that simple water and bleach can remove most stains.  Read on if you want to learn about the scientifically proven best way to remove stains.

Scientifically proven stain removal guide

While we do everything we can to keep our carpets clean, stains ranging from wine to ketchup seem to end up happening anyway. It is important to recognize the variety in stains and equally important to recognize that there is a variety in the correct treatment of such stains to achieve the best results.

Water solubility is typically the determining factoring in categorizing stains. More common water soluble stains such as most alcoholic drinks, mud, jelly, milk, and gravy are grouped together. An easy solution of one-fourth a tablespoon of detergent without bleach or common white vinegar blended with thirty-two ounces of water will clean such stains when applied properly. Blot the stain before drying around the edges and working inward, then wash completely with clean water prior to blotting the stain once more. This will leave your carpet looking wonderful. Some water soluble stains require some distinct care, however. This category includes blood, chocolate, mustard, coffee, and wine. The application method remains the same but the correct solutions for said application is much different. For non-wool carpets, one tablespoon of ammonia blended with one cup of water should do the trick. A combination of a gentle detergent and water works far better for wool carpets. One part chlorinated bleach to five parts water is an alternative solution if the ammonia solution proves ineffective and the carpet is not wool. It is recommended that you contact the carpet’s producer if you don’t know what sort of carpet is in your building.

Other stains such as gum, nail polish, cigarette burns, and glue require their own unique solutions. The proper treatment for gum is freezing it then breaking it with a blunt instrument before using a vacuum to remove the pieces and drying the carpet with a towel. Removing nail polish from carpet is as simple as applying nail polish remover on a rag to the stain. Cigarette burns can be removed by softly scrubbing the stain away using the edge of a solid and level object. Apply rubbing alcohol to the glue stain with a cloth and rubbing it off is the optimal solution, repeating until the carpet is clean.